Video Vortex is not only bringing back the video store, it’s bringing it into the 21st Century with an immersive video-themed bar where you can enjoy 40 of the greatest local brews on tap (or take them home in a can), marvel at the 8 foot VHS boxes and dozens of vintage exploitation posters that surround you and dive into one of the largest rental collections of cinema in the country. You can even take home up to 2 rental titles at a time for free. Yes, you read that right - 2 video rentals at a time for literally nothing!

The collection features an incredible array of cinema and television across all genres and across countries with beloved and obscure films on Blu-Ray, DVD and even VHS. If you threw out your VCR in 2006 or broke your Blu-Ray player last month, we’re happy to rent you one of those as well – we’ll even give you instructions on how to use it and all the cords you’ll need to hook it up to your newfangled HDTV.

Why a video store now you ask? Because streaming can only offer so much and to get the kind of variety and selection Video Vortex offers, you would need a dozen subscription services to get close. Lovers of foreign cinema will rejoice in the depth of imports and rarities from countries all over the world. Cult fanatics can dig deep into the strangest recesses of the video world while simultaneously feeding their anime addiction. Need to watch every movie by Agnes Varda or Pedro Almodovar? No problem. Every episode of the original “Dallas”? We’ve got you covered. Discover fascinating documentaries, unsung indie triumphs, and steamy film noirs. We’ve got the movies and we want the community of Raleigh to be able to watch them all.

Video Vortex won’t only be renting movies and pouring beer, we also have the best selection of cinephile gear for you and the movie lover in your life. From T-shirts and pins to a hand selected Blu-Ray collection, to a curated selection of the best board games of recent years, to a wicked vinyl soundtrack collection, as well as crowlers of all our draft beers available to go.

At once a nostalgic return to the glory of physical video and a delicious dive into the future of world class food, beverage and cinema, Video Vortex sets out to prove that Raleigh’s last video store will be its greatest.